Reconcile with the World around you

I have always had many high ideals, strong and stable principles, firm faith, an ethical conduct towards colleagues and a deep Respect towards lovers and friends. Coming from a fairly old fashioned Italian family, I understand the constraints related to religious beliefs and – along the years- I have come to grips with my family, as well as my roots, its perks (food, music, cinema, romance) and contradictions (religion-action, the “code of silence”, blurry transparency over actions…). In  my little life I hope I can fight silence, shine some light on problems, speak up to find solutions, and this is probably the reason why I ask many questions and I put myself in front, trying to understand and protect others. Working in Communications gives you the chance to do so- focusing on key messages and key words (or hashtags on social media these days….).


Lake Ivato, Madagascar

All in all, there is a light that never goes out in my heart, and the Lighthouse is inside everyone’s soul, therefore – by listening and looking up at strong resilient and role model women- I see even more light – and – unfortunately – I see the true humanity – which is not what I had dreamed of when I was a university student imagining of connecting the world – and all the world flags- into peace, security, social protection, stability, happiness, empathy and cross-cultural understanding. These are idealistic concepts, but it always depends on the country context you are in, if human rights are applied, if social protection system and safety nets are in place to fight poverty, if people feel safe and secure and can have space to think, plan and invest in their futures- through savings and dreams coming true (and why not, traveling around the world discovering the beauty and the different cultures).

With two incredible women, one coming from Mali (fabulous music), and the other coming from Norway (check the Happy Planet Index of Norway, providing free education, public pensions, universal health care for its residents, high civic engagement, low inequality), I am having different views of the world. The first, hard working lady, driven by children, passion for the cause of humanitarian and development nexus, love for life and friends, and really putting the Heart in everything she does, caring about people. The second one, questioning more, debating about social security, good governance, education, speaking words of French (Enivrez-Vous!) and Norwegian Poetry, seeing the sadness of life but having the strength to be resilient and to keep moving along.

One particular aspect of Italo-Norwegian conversations has been the enlightenment of forsonlig (in Norwegian language), meaning in English conciliatory. 30 years apart, the Norwegian friend told me that in life we become- with age- more and more flexible, we understand more and we become more “conciliatory” with the world. More loving, more accepting. We respect and we move along, we question less and we cherish more the time with friends and we smile at different life approaches (without judging if actions are right or wrong). I like the attitude. I want to fight, but she said that she sees a light in me of openness and listening across borders. Perhaps because I like learning and trying to understand what happens around me and inside me. If I can do a service to the world with my presence, I am very happy to do so! – while listening to music and dancing with my friends and one day one lover for a long time, accompanying one another in the roller-coaster of life!


The World is Our Home!

So the word of Life is Reconcile: be like the river, listen and flow, smile and work, love and be loved, plan events and sleep, eat well and do sports! Listen to music and travel more!

Two photos of my great lights: age can divide us, but when souls can speak to one another, the spirit is the same, full of energy, life and love!




MINA “Volami nel cuore”
Giorgia – Come Saprei
Craig David – One More Time (Official Video)
Craig David & Sigala – Ain’t Giving Up
Craig David – All the Way (Official Video)
The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running (official video)
Will Smith – Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head) ft. TRÂ-Knox
Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
Simply Red – Sunrise (Extended)
Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) (Official Video)
Stevie Wonder I Just Called To Say I Love You

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